Iceland 2016

The photograph above shows an Icelandic retaining wall made of volcanic stone. In June 2016 I worked as a volunteer on the Laugavegur trail in Thorsmork, below the famous volcano. I was not building walls unfortunately, but helping to maintain this amazing trail. Trailteam Iceland restores the trails each summer and is run by Chas Goemans on behalf of the Icelandic Forestry Service. We worked hard for our food and half-price beer (when we could get it), sleeping in tents and hiking to various parts of the trail. At weekends we explored and climbed nearby mountains. It was a good way to see the stark beauty of this amazing country with some great companions.  As the oldest volunteer ever on this project, I won’t be going back to work but I will be going back in  June 2017 to walk the length of the trail. I am now addicted to Iceland. I always wanted to go there, it just took over 60 years to get round to it, There is no time to lose.


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